Wednesday, December 13, 2006

BSNL GPRS settings for mobile and computer-ppp error

D/ frds,
I m making this blog for all the cellone users of bsnl who want to use bsnl gprs servises,but having problems in setting up mobile or laptop for the same.
i m user of cellone post paid service and always wanted to use gprs services. worked too hard to get settings from bsnl sites and help line.. but nothing worked properly. With help of frds and working for almost 13 hours...i m surprised that it was just 2 mins work to do if the bsnl ppl give correct settings.
For mobiles:
the important thing in this - is APN i.e access point name
Every phone setting have a APN to assign.
for bsnl post paid (north) u have to put APN------->
for example: soni ericssion 700i
connectivity>internet settings>internet profile>New profile
Name ---> put any thing A B C
connect using-->new acount--->GPRS date (chk this box)---> Name---> put any thing D X--->
leave username and passowrd port no. empty. SAVE.
so if u see whole process.. we just have to fill APN. now u can use net but only if u have subscribed it.
Nokia 6630:
Menu>tool>setting>connection> access point>connection (edit)--->connection Name(connection)
Data bearer> Access point name >
samsung c130Fun box> WAP browser>settings
now u have to edit hutch _gprs> select> profile name( put any thing A Or B ..)
O2 mini Pocket PCActivate GPRS from bsnl office. you will get G on screen
Start>settings>connection>connection>MS ISp> Add new connection> enter name of connection( my connection)
>select modem (from list)> cellular Line GPRS> next
Access point name--->> next
all user name password . etc leave them empty.>finish
G> connection using gprs>enter
How to use mobile as modem for computer or laptops: connect net from mobile to laptops /compters:Now these are few examples of setting for mobile phones.But what happen when we want to connect internet on computer ,here comes the biggest problem. 734 ppp error. Transefer protocol error when we want to use internet via bluetooth using mobile as modem.for Bsnl users one string have to be placed to use net properly on computer or laptops
My computer> right click> propertise>Hardware> device manager>Modem> bluetooth DUN modem>right click> propertise>Advance>Extra initialization command
put this line and press "ok"
i hope this will do best for BSNL North (post paid customers). best of luck and hope this will save u from worst helpline of any company ever exist i.e bsnl customer care service. may god bless them too.
Er. Prashant Bohra

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